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What We Do

Spiritus Business Advisors is a consultancy focused on helping service businesses, primarily in the Snow and Green Industries, build scalable, sustainable, and profitable businesses through processes, team development, and strong planning habits. Our Mission is  "To improve the businesses we serve so that the lives of all they touch might be blessed" .
Spiritus focuses on people, processes, and systems to allow the business to be scalable, sustainable, and profitable. Organizational structure and the people within it are the first steps. Standard processes empower the right people to do the extraordinary, and the system (Aspire) automates and supports those processes and people.


Pre-Deployment Aspire Implementation Support
  • Structural System Set up
    • Districts, Regions, Branches
      • Business Structure and Reporting
    • Roles and Role Permissions
      • People Structure and Responsibility
    • System List definition and setup 
      • Services, Items, Service Type, Other pick list setup/refinement
  • Begin identification of internal System Admin and Training resource 
    • Develop existing team member
    • Recruit and cultivate outside person

During Deployment Aspire Implementation Support
  • Training Support
    • Participate in most Aspire-led trainings
    • Fill gaps left by Aspire training on system or process decisions
  • Ongoing Process definition
    • Support the team as an SME to develop internal processes for long term Aspire use
  • Help Outline data “import” approach and execution
    • Customers
    • Prospects
    • Agreements
  • Ongoing training and support of System Admin and/or training resource

Post Deployment Aspire Support
  • Ongoing Training Support
  • Ongoing training and support of System Admin and/or training resource
  • Establish & Maintain Reporting, Dashboarding and KPI structures
  • Establish & Maintain team interaction with Aspire to execute on operations leveraging Aspire
    • Ticket Mgmt
    • Margin Review
    • Estimating refinement
    • Long Term Template creation & Mgmt
  • Establish & Maintain EOM Process and reconciliation.

Business Scalablility and Sustainability
This will consist of an evaluation of current SOPs and systems utilized in daily business operations. Help to determine the best course of action to train and implement them into newly acquired businesses. Ongoing support of integrations and company-specific plan development will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Along with:

  • Understand and evaluate current SOPs, Systems, and Operating activities
  • Provide critique and ongoing improvement guidance on all SOPs, Systems, and Operating activities
  • Provide guidance and support to Develop a standard outline for approaching Roles and Responsibilities in Aspire
  • Evaluate SOPs, Systems, Org Structure, and Operating activities of acquisitions to aid in the development of an integration plan
  • Provide guidance and support for the evaluation of a central administration vs local branch function for company activities.
  • Provide guidance and support to service delivery activities such as (but not limited to) Landscape Maintenance, Snow, and Landscape Construction.
  • Ongoing evaluation and guidance for business activities and planning efforts through the term of this agreement
  • Define a standard Annual Financial Planning/Budgeting Process that will help integrate margin, sales, and execution goals with Aspire.  Plans should include sales plans by person and division, revenue plans by division, direct cost budgets by division, and overhead schedules.  These plans will directly inform pricing models and setup in Aspire over the long term.


Kasel Rocks Landsape - Scott Lesak
"THE" Industry help experts!

David and the Spiritus team are 'THE' people in the green industry to work with if you are serious about business growth and structuring a company that will operate autonomously. Dave’s financial, systems, and process knowledge is second to none. He understands how to put the numbers where they need to be to support radical growth and his knowledge of Aspire makes him a literal translator to anyone on the platform who is struggling. If you're serious about getting to the next level, David is a must in your toolbox!