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Wage Access Done Right.

Every Pay Moment Matters: Spentra for Advanced Payroll Card, Earned Wage Access, and Seamless Final Pay Solutions

What We Do

"Innovating Financial Wellness for Employees and Employers"

Spentra stands out as a pioneering financial technology company, dedicated to enhancing the financial well-being of employees while offering streamlined wage management solutions for businesses. Central to its innovative suite is the Spentra Mastercard® Payroll Card and the Money Earned® feature, which provide immediate access to earned wages, empowering employees to manage their finances effectively and avoid reliance on high-interest loans or incurring late fees. Additionally, Spentra’s InstaPay service ensures instant access to final pay for employees exiting a company, fostering a smoother transition.

A key component of Spentra's offerings is its user-friendly mobile app, designed to provide a seamless experience for users. The app allows employees to effortlessly manage their finances, monitor transactions, and access their earnings in real-time, bringing unparalleled convenience and control into their financial management. This integration of technology and financial services positions Spentra as an innovative leader in transforming the landscape of employee financial wellness in today's dynamic work environment.

Spentra Payroll Card:

We provide a modern alternative to traditional banking with our Spentra Payroll Card. This card allows employees to easily access their wages without the need for a conventional bank account, offering the convenience of a debit card for everyday transactions.

Money Earned® (Earned Wage Access):

Our innovative Money Earned® feature empowers employees to access a portion of their earned wages before their scheduled payday. This instant access helps in managing unforeseen expenses, thereby avoiding high-interest loans or overdraft fees.

InstaPay for Final Pay:

Spentra’s InstaPay service ensures that employees receive their final pay quickly and efficiently, whether due to resignation or termination. This feature aids in providing financial security during employment transitions.

User-Friendly Mobile App:

We offer a mobile app that allows employees to manage their finances effectively. The app provides real-time wage tracking, transaction monitoring, and easy account management, bringing unparalleled convenience and control.

At Spentra, we are committed to delivering innovative and practical financial solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the modern workforce. Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional wage access methods and immediate financial requirements, ensuring a financially healthy and empowered workforce.


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  • Discover the Spentra Payroll Card : Revolutionizing Wage Management for Employers and Employees
  • Money Earned® by Spentra: Transforming Financial Well-Being with Innovative Earned Wage Access



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The features that they offer really come in handy and it’s a great benefit for our employees.

We have been using Spentra for over two years now. I can definitely say that they have the best reps in the industry. I can always count on a quick response from Wayne and Rayna. The features that they offer really come in handy and it’s a great benefit for our employees.
Senior Services of America image

Senior Services of America
I would gladly recommend Spentra to anyone and everyone.

Senior Services of America has been partnering with Spentra to offer pay cards to employees since early 2020 and was one of the best decisions we have made.
Spentra allows our employees to take advances on their pay that they would otherwise not be able to do. We have gotten very positive feedback for this benefit and takes very little effort on my part to set up.
Customer service from Spentra cannot be beat! Any questions I have had or issues with employees has been responded to very promptly by our dedicated rep.
I would gladly recommend Spentra to anyone and everyone.
Lincoln Premium Poultry image

Lincoln Premium Poultry
I highly recommend Spentra and have appreciated working with them on this project.

At Lincoln Premium Poultry, we have utlized Spentra’s Paycard Soluton since opening. We selected Spentra because of how easy it was to issue and manage the Paycard process. The Spentra Card has an employee ‘friendly’ fee schedule that gives them access to their own Debit Card without any fees if used as directed. Additonally they have the Money Earned feature that we look to implement in the near future allowing employees to advance earned wages to the card for a small fee.
We issued hundreds of cards on-site which was supported by Spentra’s interface with our payroll provider. From the start, Spentra has provided excellent customer service and when issues and questions arose, they addressed them immediately. I highly recommend Spentra and have appreciated working with them on this project.
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We absolutely consider Spentra a trusted vendor partner.

We have found Spentra Money Earned program to be a greatly in-demand service for employees of the centers we support—many employees look to this benefit as a determining factor in their choice of employer. The Spentra customer service team is friendly, responsive, and very reliable in resolving all issues or helping us explore new opportunities to support employees. Their kindness and responsiveness extends not just to our administrative team, but directly to the employees who call for issues. The team is also very attune to data issues and challenges and quick to communicate with our team to seek resolution. Integrations have been simple with our HRIS/payroll and the Spentra team is always helpful and patient on any disruptions or errors originating from the employer’s payroll process. We absolutely consider Spentra a trusted vendor partner.

Sarah Schacher
Vice President, Human Resources