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Pre Implementation Support

New to Aspire? Get invaluable support that sets you up to succeed with this offering.


What We Do

Pre Implementation Discovery: 7 points + Travel Expenses

This option is great for new Aspire customers that need a valuable deep dive on their operations before implementing Aspire.  An Aspire certified consultant will come on-site and perform a thorough analysis of your departments of Sales, Production, Administration and Accounting.  Included in the offering are:

  • A 2-day discovery session focusing on the following: 
    • Organizational structure of regions, branches, divisions, services of the business
    • Organizational chart of team and high-level financial review for current & future projections
    • Client Relationship Management for both new sales and existing clients
    • Sales processes and reporting
    • Estimating, pricing and markups
    • Scheduling of crews and backlog of sold work
    • Time capture and job costing of labor dollars
    • Purchasing of direct and indirect materials, equipment, subcontractors, etc.
    • Invoice types and invoice process as well as Accounts Receivable process
    • Payroll workflow for hourly employees
    • High level discussion of the accounting system used and processes in place
    • Identification of new processes needed to help maximize use of Aspire software2 days on-site by Aspire certified consultant
  • Discovery report will be written and provided to the client outlining possible issues with implementation and change management moving toward Aspire to better prepare and adjust where necessary to ensure a smoother transition.

Continued Implementation Assistance: 20 points

This option is ideal for a company that has recently chosen to move forward with Aspire. This service is designed to be a supplement to the
Aspire implementation process. Your Aspire certified consultant will work in conjunction with the Aspire team to keep your implementation on track and set your team up for immediate success. 

  • 2-day on site visit with the above mentioned deliverables
  • 9 hours of consulting services per month for 4 months focusing on the following:
    • Understanding and evaluating current systems, operational expectations, and standard operating processes (SOPs).
    • Providing ongoing improvement guidance on all SOPs, systems, operations, and needs related to integration with and/or in support of Aspire software.
    • Providing guidance and support to service delivery activities through Aspire implementation to GoLive date and beyond, if needed.
    • Leveraging the Guide CX project management tool used by Aspire to assist in completing all the steps in implementation. 
    • Joining occasional implementation calls lead by the Aspire IM, when requested by Client to provide support alongside of the Aspire team.
    • Leading additional weekly calls with the internal Client team (not with Aspire IM), estimated to be 1-2 hours per week during implementation.
    • Upon graduation from Aspire’s implementation and GoLive, a cadence of zoom/phone interactions with pre-determined team member(s) will be decided as needed.
    • Impromptu or ad hoc zoom/phone, email or text message interactions to address work assignment questions/concerns.
    • Creating forms, SOP documents, applications, and plan documents. (as needed) 
    • PDF copies of delivered training/education presentations & content. (as needed)

📌An annual package of points can be purchased or a one time request can be made for $750 a point. All reasonable efforts will be made to align with the clients requested timelines.