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Holman Fleet Leasing

Holman, Driving What's Right. Aspire's fleet management partner.

What We Do

Fleet Acquisition, Fleet Leasing, Fleet Management, Fuel, Maintenance, Vehicle Upfit, Vehicle Wraps

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1st month of every new lease free!


Find and Fund Vehicles
Source and fund the right vehicles for your jobs based on your monthly budget goals– without the hassle of mileage or excess damage charges.
Manage Vehicle Operations
Spend less time on vehicle administration tasks. Utilize Holman’s streamlined process for vehicle servicing, fueling, and tracking to manage and reduce costs.



Matteo Ghiotto
American Stone, President

Holman's commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative solutions make them an indispensable partner for any small business seeking to optimize their fleet management strategies.


Holman offers leasing solutions customized for businesses. Our residual lease offering can reduce your monthly payments and eliminate the fear of mileage overages or unwarranted damage charges. We also ease the worry of early termination by offering flexible lease options. All upfit and wraps can be part of the monthly lease payment. 
Yes. Every vehicle leased through Holman is enrolled in our fuel and maintenance solutions at no additional charge. Our fuel cards are ready to use at 98% of all fuel stations nationwide. Our maintenance program allows you to access your maintenance history, locate a vendor when the time is needed for service, and easily set up your approval preferences. All charges are consolidated monthly into one single digital invoice.
Yes. The Holman Fleet Marketplace is our interactive website that allows you to quickly access information that can help manage the day-to-day operations of your fleet. The Holman Fleet Marketplace is also available on your smartphone for both Apple iOs and Android OS devices.
No. Holman’s unique lease offering means you’re not on the hook for the typical consumer lease pitfalls involving mileage or vehicle wear.