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Custom Aspire Dashboards

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What We Do

Financial Management Consulting: 12 points (Initial Deep Dive), 7 points (ongoing monthly)
Good financial management occurs by actively controlling what is in front of you, not passively observing what is already behind you. Companies that use financial dashboarding and ratio analysis have major competitive advantages over their rivals.

Key Benefits:
1. Access to timely data that is not tied to a single set of financial reports based on already obsolete data. Management reports that drive accountability through visibility of key metrics like gross margin, gross profit per hour and production efficiency.
2. Ability to see problem jobs in real-time and correct course to turn them into winners.
3. Comparative branch performance to drive competition, highlight strengths and pinpoint weaknesses.
4. For Aspire or other software users that struggle with knowing their full financial picture until accounting entries are made at month-end close, the financial dashboard provides a full income statement all month long and eliminates that blind spot.

Leadership Development: 1 point (course access is valid for 12 months) 
This program includes interactive workshops, optional personalized coaching sessions, and real-world case studies. Participants will engage in self-learning exercises on the key elements to becoming a better leader, the option to receive valuable feedback to accelerate their leadership journey and an optional stepping stone to receiving more in-depth personalized coaching. Phase one will rolled out through a 12-module digital course.

Key Benefits:
  1. Strategic Vision: Develop a clear vision and strategic mindset to lead your team confidently
    towards success.
  2. Effective Communication: Hone your communication skills to inspire and motivate your team,
    fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.
  3. Adaptive Leadership: Acquire the tools to navigate change successfully and lead your team
    through challenges with resilience.
  4. Talent Development: Learn to identify and nurture the strengths of your team members,
    maximizing overall productivity and job satisfaction.
  5. Results-Driven Leadership: Gain strategies to set and achieve ambitious goals, driving your team
    and organization to new heights.

Operations Consulting: 3 points (half day virtual), 6 points (full day in-person)
"Optimized Operations" is a comprehensive consulting offering designed to revolutionize the way your teams operate. Leveraging best practices in routine operations and procedures, this program offers a multi-dimensional approach to refining your operational framework. Aimed at enhancing efficiency, safety, and employee development, our offering caters to various organizational roles from crew members to branch managers. With a focus on Lean planning, safety standards, and continuous training, we prepare your teams for success in today's dynamic work

Key Benefits:
1. Team Dynamics and Daily Routines: Tailored strategies for crew leaders, operations managers, and branch managers to enhance daily routines and adopt industry best practices for optimal team performance.
2. Comprehensive Training and Development: A structured approach to employee onboarding, ongoing training, and development. Includes the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and mentoring programs to ensure continuous skill enhancement.
3. Enhanced Safety Protocols: Implementation of rigorous safety standards including regular team meetings, seasonal safety topics, detailed accident reviews, and safety audits to foster a culture of safety and awareness.
4. Lean Planning and Efficiency: Integration of Lean thinking principles such as the 5 S Steps and identification of the 8 forms of waste, coupled with the 4 Ms of problem-solving to streamline operations and reduce inefficiencies.
5. Safety Committee Involvement: Establishment of a dedicated Safety Committee to oversee and continually improve safety practices, ensuring adherence to the latest industry standards and regulations.

Standard Role Dashboard Creation: 6 points

This offering includes dashboards for the following roles: Branch Manager, Account Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Representative, Office Manager

The following is included in the services provided:

  • 1 hour discovery meeting
  • 1 hour review and revision meeting
  • 15-20 min training meeting per role (1.5 hrs total)

Additional Role Dashboard Creation: Contact us for pricing

This offering includes dashboards for the following roles: Coordinator, Project Manager, Estimator, Purchaser, Controller, Accounts Receivable, COO.

📌An annual package of points can be purchased or a one time request can be made for $750 a point. All reasonable efforts will be made to align with the clients requested timelines.