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Innovate, grow, and maintain a competitive edge in the janitorial industry with these consultant offerings.


What We Do

Initial Strategic Consultation: 1 point

The initial introductory meeting is designed to establish a mutual understanding of your organization's current challenges and growth objectives.  

  • During this session, we will explore your company's sales strategies, processes, and performance metrics, as well as discuss any specific areas where you seek improvement or transformation. 
  • We will also review your company's structure, capabilities, and current tools and technologies.  
  • At the conclusion of the meeting, you will receive a preliminary assessment of potential areas of focus and recommendations on a customized approach tailored to your unique needs. 
    • This will include outlining possible operational effectiveness strategies, identifying growth opportunities, and actionable steps for achieving your goals. 
    • The next steps may involve a more detailed analysis of your sales operations, interviews with key stakeholders, and the development of a strategic plan designed to drive measurable improvements in sales performance and organizational growth. 

Leadership Capabilities Evaluation: 1 point per participant

Leadership Capabilities Evaluation is an  assessment tool designed to evaluate the leadership skills and potential of individuals within an organization. The Leadership Capabilities Evaluation specifically focuses on several key areas: 

  • Leadership Qualities
    • It assesses the innate and developed qualities that contribute to effective leadership, including but not limited to strategic thinking, decision-making capabilities, and the  ability to inspire and motivate others. 
  • Competencies and Skills
    • The evaluation looks into the specific competencies and skills necessary for successful leadership in the context of the organization's needs. 
    • This includes communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to manage and lead teams effectively. 
  • Behavioral Tendencies
    • It examines the behavioral tendencies that can impact leadership effectiveness, such as adaptability, resilience, and the propensity to take initiative. 
  • Motivational Factors 
    • Understanding what motivates a leader is crucial for predicting their performance and potential for growth. The evaluation includes an assessment of motivational drivers that influence an individual's leadership style and effectiveness. 
  • Cultural Fit
    • The tool also considers the alignment between an individual's values and the  organizational culture, which is vital for ensuring cohesive leadership within the company.

The results of the Leadership Capabilities Evaluation provide organizations with a comprehensive understanding of their current and potential leaders, enabling informed decisions regarding leadership development, succession planning, and team building. The insights gained from the evaluation can guide targeted training and coaching initiatives to enhance leadership capabilities across the organization. 

Operational Best Practice Assessment: 1 point

Assess your company's adoption of industry best practices to identify opportunities to optimize staff and improve service. We will evaluate your team using five dimensions that directly impact profitability and customer retention.: 
  1. Quality Systems 
  2. Service Delivery 
  3. Human Resources 
  4. Health and Safety 
  5. Green Cleaning 

You will receive a written report comparing your performance along several key criteria. We'll provide you with recommended actions So you can close any gaps. 

Sales Team Benchmark: 1 point
How does your sales team compare to your peers? Explore our sales statistics and see how your salespeople compare.

📌An annual package of points can be purchased or a one time request can be made for $750 a point. All reasonable efforts will be made to align with the clients requested timelines.